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voooka's Journal

Social capital

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31 May
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Hi there.
My name was and is Tatiana.
I was born in the nineth biggest city in the world - Moscow, USSR. Now it looks like boxes of stone placed on the underground city filled with zombies. But I've been living here for 24 years in a row.
I'm addicted to be awake at night and green tea. I'm always late.
Several years ago I graduated from Moscow Medical Academy, but that was my parents will and I hate everything about being an employee in this field. The thing I adore the most in this life - video games. That's why I'd been working as game desinger for a while and even managed to finish Allods online (cmon, google it).
Nowdays I work as a social games producer.

Sometimes I take my camera and (after some dust cleaning) use it to take pictures and scare people.
Your can find my original Lj in russian here.

Social capital

  • less than 10